What does abundance mean to you?

I’ve been working through the book called The Artist’s Way with a group of incredible, inspiring women. We meet once a week and work through a chapter, sprinkling in conversations about life.

As we’re working on training our creative muscles, money seems to come up in conversation as well, more often than not. For our most recent chapter, we met up on a Monday morning for coffee and creative talk, and we started talking about abundance.

So often we equate creativity with art. And abundance with money. But I feel these notions are actually so different for each of us if we ask questions in a better way.

Instead of asking How much money do you need to feel satisfied/ abundant, try asking yourself

What does abundance mean to you?

When I asked myself this, I realized I feel abundant when I have flowers in my house, when I give the ones around me little, meaningful presents, when I take a relaxing bath, have mid week brunch with a friend, take naps… I looked at my list and not one line item included an amount of money. Crazy!

As we were sitting there talking about this topic, we all realized how abundant we actually are, to be able to have coffee together on a Monday morning, with people who inspire us, to be eating healthy snacks and talk about artist’s dates. That is abundance! Not just a number in your bank account - it’s a feeling.

Have you thought about that lately? If not I invite you to do so now, and see how abundant life really is! And the more you notice it, abundance and reasons to be grateful the more the Universe will send your way, I promise.