Why the Hanged Man is the tarot card of 2019

I recently took an Intro to Tarot reading class, with my friend Carrie. She’s an incredibly intuitive, magical being who I hope to introduce to you soon! We have a fun workshop collab brewing, I’ll share the details as soon as they come together.

Back to the tarot class, (again, this was an intro class so by no means am I claiming I know what I’m doing): here’s my biggest takeaway

I learned to look at the actual card and see the symbolisms and imagery and what it actually means to me. Like if there’s a dove, to me that means peace. Or a butterfly - transformation. Sometimes, the books that come with the cards ruin the reading or even scare me so I stay away from that. So I did that with the card the teacher said was the card for the year and I detail how she established that in the video below.

Are there any cards in specific you’re curious about? Or anything specific on the topic you’d like me to research deeper into?