Intro ( & letting go)

I’m sitting here writing this as my ex is crossing state lines, leaving California for the East Coast. A move that doesn’t make sense but for him, it does.

I’m not from here but my soul felt at home in California since the day I landed in San Francisco for the first time. When we’d get into fights and scream all the things we’ll do after we break up, one of his favorites was to tell me I need to go back to Romania. That wonderful “go back where you came from”…

I’m not making this post about him, I’m sitting here in awe… that I got California in the divorce.

It’s been one year and 3 days since I moved out of his house. It took me 20 minutes to move out once I realized why he wanted the divorce and yes, she’s on the East Coast which explains the move. To you, I don’t need it explained.

I’m grateful she entered his life when she did because she set me free. Whether she reads these lines or not is the same to me, the point is, everything happens for a reason. And I’m grateful this set me free.

It’s been a year of many highs and lows, adjustments, lessons, tests, upleveling, new trials and challenges, but nonetheless, a year I am beyond grateful for, as it taught me a lot. And some of this lessons I thought might be worth sharing, maybe you can add them to your toolbox too as you navigate the waters you’re in…

Breakups are fucking hard. Whether you or they initiated it, they suck. There’s no way around it. But when they happen, they do for a reason. And the aftermath will hit you in waves, good and bad ones, and for a while, they’ll keep coming.

Even though I feel my soul was ready for us to break up, when it finally happened it was hard. I wanted to share one of the things that helped me let go easier. Watch the video above, then get your pen and paper ready and prepare to let go of what no longer serves you so you can start building the life you want.



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