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a change of plans

One thing that was consistent through our trip so far, was a daily dose of rain. That didn't affect our itinerary much and we managed to squeeze in plenty of pictures in between rain showers.

From Tuscany, our plan was to head to Amalfi but, with an approximately 8 hour drive ahead of us and even more rain in the forecast, we decided to cancel that part of the trip (you know, you always need a reason to have to come back to Italy) and chose instead to spend a couple more days in Tuscany.

But before we left, we had to make sure get one more rustic dinner, hopefully in an osteria or trattoria off the beaten path.

We made it to Siena just in time for dinner but in the middle of a crazy rainstorm. We managed to explore a tiny bit, take some pictures and take in the amazing Piazza del Campo.

Possibly the longest pici ever! How is one supposed to eat this?

Casato, the restaurant we hid from the rain and had a delicious dinner at, was a wonderful mix of modern and ancient, and everywhere you looked, there were reminders of what used be here centuries ago.

Where to eat: In Siena, I recommend Casato. Get a glass of Brunello di Montalcino and a portion of the wild boar ragu pappardelle. Delicious!


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